WATCH: 7 Cops Needed To Harass A 16 Yr Old Black Kid For Riding A Bike With No Hands (VIDEO)

Yes, it is absolutely ridiculous. A 16 year-old kid was apparently riding his bike with no hands, which in a black neighborhood like South Central L.A. gives the police the right to stop you, harass you and run your name for warrants. This kid decided he wasn’t going to be the next victim of police brutality, so he rode his bike home.

Seven police officers showed up at his door to “give him a ticket.” The cop in charge informs the man who is filming that “anyone on probation or parole inside the house who impedes the investigation will be arrested.” The know well enough that with the kind of harassment they’re about to put this kid through, there’s a good possibility someone in the house has been arrested, charged and convicted of being black.

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The kid comes out, and surprise, surprise – they handcuff him, pat him down and walk him across the street to stand in shame while they look for any reason possible to start a teenager’s criminal record.

This incident is what is wrong in our inner cities. It isn’t an overwhelming amount of black crime, it’s an overwhelming amount of over-policing a community based on stereotypes and for profit, and it’s disgusting.

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Watch 7 cops show up to harass a ‘dangerous’ black kid who was riding his bike with no hands.


Featured image via screen capture

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