Unsupervised 3-Year-Old Shoots Baby In The Face; Police Call It A ‘Tragic Accident’ (VIDEO)

For years the Republican Party and the  NRA have been screaming the Second Amendment needs to be protected from gun-grabbing liberals. Liberals have tried to explain that we don’t want their guns, we just want common sense laws to be put in place so that maybe gun owners would stop being so damn irresponsible. We want to prevent kids from dying or being injured because their parents aren’t practicing proper gun safety. We are sick of talking about things like the 3-year-old Florida toddler who shot his 1-year-old sister in the face on Friday.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department says the incident occurred Friday at 4:30 p.m. in a car outside the Sonshine Learning Center, in Venice. Deputies say the kids’ mother was in the parking lot talking to other people when the 3-year-old boy picked up a gun that was left in the car and shot his 1-year-old sister in the face.

The little girl was flown to Bayfront Health and then was transferred to All Children’s Hospital, in St. Petersburg, with non-life threatening injuries. The police are calling it a “tragic accident” and say no criminal charges were filed, but they are still investigating.

An accident… okay.

Earlier this year about 50 miles away from this “accident” a 2-year-old was left alone in a car with a gun and killed himself. Police called that a “tragic accident” as well, and no charges were filed.

These are the accidents that we are trying to prevent and they happen all the time. Just type “toddler finds gun” into Google and pages and pages and pages of these sorts of “tragic accidents” pop up. You will see stories about toddlers shooting themselves, their mothers, their grandparents, their siblings, etc.

So at what point do we stop calling them “tragic accidents” and call them what they are: negligence. These people need to be charged with a crime when they leave loaded weapons in places that a child can get ahold of it. I’m sick and tired of hearing ammosexual parents boohooing and getting off scot-free when their kids hurt or even kill themselves, or someone else, with a weapon that should have never been within reach.

The Republican Party and the NRA do not care about dead kids, obviously, but let’s stop sitting around and just blaming the right. If we can make Obama the 4th president in U.S. history to be elected with more than 50 percent of the popular vote twicethen we can damn sure band together and get gun safety measures passed. Our kids are being Second Amendmented to death and we aren’t doing anything about it; that’s sick.

Watch a news report about the Sarasota shooting below:

Featured image via WTSP

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