UNSUNG HEROS: Thieves And Homeless People Prevented Bombs From Exploding In NY and NJ (VIDEO)

Places like New York City and New Jersey have a certain reputation when it comes to thieves and their large homeless communities. However, it appears that reputation for having a few “disreputable” residents may have saved lives following the bomb attacks that rocked both areas over the weekend.

There are reports that two of the bombs planted in NYC and NJ didn’t ignite because of attempts by complete strangers to steal the bags that they were concealed in.

According to DNAInfo, the bomb that was set on West 27th Street (only a few blocks from the one that exploded on 23rd) did not explode because two young men described as “well-dressed” made off with the rolling suitcase that contained the explosive device.

Apparently, when they opened the bag, they discovered the bomb and threw it in a trash bag, then made off with their snazzy new bag.

Business Insider indicated that the five devices found in New Jersey were discovered by a pair of homeless men who attempted to “procure” an abandoned backpack, but soon realized that they needed to alert the police when they found the pipe bombs inside.

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Social media is already cracking the same snarky joke, which is a funnier variation of New York’s transit slogan: “If you see something, steal something.”

It would be nice to see those two homeless men receive the attention and reward they deserve for saving lives.

Featured image via YouTube

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