Two ‘Christian’ Men Decide ‘Killing All Rapists’ Best Way To Achieve No-Exception Abortion Ban (VIDEO)

In what is perhaps the most blatantly ironic argument out there working to close the discord in anti-abortion circles between those who stand against abortion under any circumstances and those who are willing to concede exceptions in cases of rape and incest, President of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission Gary Cass has come up with a genius plan for quashing the ever-present struggle between the two groups – kill the rapists.

That’s right, in order to step around the issue Cass feels is the main sticking point between the parties and stand absolutely in the name of LIFE, Cass somehow thinks simply killing rapists will take care of the whole deal, just like the Bible tells us so.

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Pay no mind to the fact that not all accused of rape turn out to be rapists, nor to the fact that countless rapes go untested in order to conclusively pinpoint the attacker, or to seek an attacker at all. And forget for a moment that this solution doesn’t touch whatsoever on incest, or even medical complications that might point one towards a solution such as abortion.

Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman was invited by Cass to participate in his January webcast not long after House Republicans cancelled a contested vote over 20-week abortion bans. The reason for that cancellation? – those same old problems over lack of exceptions for rape, incest and health issues. Newman claimed the pro-choice heathens are using those issues “to create a wedge between what would normally be a tight coalition of people that believe the same thing.”

Clearly, Newman is a presumptuous fellow.

Cass stated, in his opinion, the rape exceptions keep coming up because “we’ve abandoned a Christian worldview as it relates to law.”

Cass continued:

In biblical times, rape was a capital offense. So because we don’t treat rape the way God would have us to treat rape, now we have a woman, many women who are suffering because we aren’t doing our job as men protecting our wives and our daughters with the right kinds of law and right kind of enforcement, putting them in a very bad situation.

Where does one even start educating a guy like that, blind to the patriarchal design of the larger world, and certainly the U.S.A.? How do we explain the sexual exploitation of women through the male gaze and agenda only helps create and breed said rapists, that deconstructing that paradigm is a much more effective means for eradicating rape than simply killing accused rapists after the fact? Threat of incarceration and death has never been a real deterrent .We already have that and look where we are.

If only we had as much separation of church and state as Cass believes we do.

But Cass didn’t stop there, either. He added, “as wrong as the act of rape is,” he feels abortion is just as bad, if not a worse “moral catastrophe.”

He rambled on:

It is so devastating that, as tragic as the rape was, to add then the guilt of infanticide and abortion and murder to it is not going to be helpful.

How helpful will it be for a woman to carry and care for a child the rest of her life that was forced upon her through rape or incest, though? Who is Cass to make such judgment calls on behalf of a rape victim and the ravaged emotion and psychology that must certainly accompany such abuse?

Cass goes on to make his case against abortion by essentially discussing it in Holocaust proportions, stating that fetuses have long been “executed” sans any form of “due process” and have been labeled “guilty of being found to be inconvenient by people who want to have sex without consequences.”

He kept on yet from there, as well, stating:

The sexual revolution is drenched in the blood of innocent children and that blood cries out for justice.

But clearly Cass mixes his arguments to suit his purposes. He talks as if raped women are the same women who don’t want to have a baby due to being “inconvenienced” when he is really talking about what he must certainly consider in his mind a nation of women committing casual abortions like a form of birth control – a very small minority built to Olympian proportions in his head.

And his solution in order to remain absolutely “pro-life?”


Kill all the rapists.

Save all the unborn fetuses raped into the wombs of ravaged, abused women for the sake of life – LIFE at ALL COSTS, regardless, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

And if we must kill to do so, so be it. Let us kill.

Forever and ever, Amen.

How very “Christian” of him.

And then there is also the arrogance to deal with, if one believes in God, of any form of life whatsoever conclusively stating that it knows exactly what God thinks or intends.

Now that, folks, is just plain blasphemous.

And you’ll never guess the punishment, according to the Bible, for blasphemy.

Death by stoning.

Well, if that’s what the Bible says, Cass, I’m afraid that’s what the Bible says.

In the name of the Lord, Amen.

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