Twitter Debate Over Disturbing NY Daily News Cover Intensifies — Too Far Or Too Real? (TWEETS)

Following the shooting death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling at the hands of 2 Baton Rouge police officers. The fatal moment was captured on two separate witness’s cell phones. The second video released also captures the gruesome aftermath of the shooting. It shows the officer rolling away from Sterling with his weapon still trained on his bloody prone body. The video also captures the second officer removing what could be a gun from Sterling’s pocket.

There has been a lot of intense debate over the officers’ use of force in that situation, mainly because it seemed as though both officers had complete control of Sterling’s body before one of the officers shot him.

In response to the shooting, the NY Daily News decided to launch what could be considered a protest front cover. It shows the aftermath of the shooting, with the officer laying on his side with his gun trained on Sterling, who is lying face up, his shirt stained with blood. You can also see blood spatter on the front bumper of a silver sedan parked next to Sterling’s body.

The cover read in big bold print:”His hands were empty.” Underneath in smaller print, it read: “Cops killed Alton Sterling despite his being pinned to ground and never pulling gun.”

Here is a tweet of the cover, uncensored. Be advised, the image is very disturbing.

Commentators were divided over the real message the graphic cover was sending. Some found it tasteless and objectionable; others thought it was time to start showing more images like these.

alton sterling

Image via Twitter

Alton sterling

Image via Twitter

While the debate rages on in America, however, in other countries, graphic pictures like the NY Daily News’ cover is more familiar. For example, Arabic newspapers may feature disturbing images from an Israeli bombing, which most U.S. readers will never see in their mainstream news sources.

Many find it ironic, how a country that is the world’s largest purveyor of graphic fictionalized violence can be so skittish when it comes to depictions of real life horror.

Will the NY Daily News’ provocative front cover draw attention away from or more towards discussion of Alton Sterling’s death?

Featured image via twitter

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