Tucker Carlson: Satanist Display Should Be Banned Because Satanism Isn’t Real (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson is very upset that Satanists have been allowed to place a holiday display in the Florida state capitol building. Last year a request from the Satanist Temple to put a display in the capitol was rejected. But the group enlisted the help of Americans United For Separation of Church and State, and this time the request was approved. And now the boyishly coiffed Carlson is very, very upset.

Carlson hosted Christian minister Darrick D. McGhee on the weekend edition of “Fox and Friends” to discuss the display. Carlson stakes out the position that the display is not legitimate, because “there aren’t a ton of Satanists in Tallahassee.” He doesn’t see the Satanist display as an exercise of religious freedom at all. He says that it is just “an attempt to stick a finger in the eye of Christians in Florida.”

Reverend McGhee agrees with Carlson, and says,

It is definitely a ploy, and a scheme, and a mockery of those of us who are believers of Christ Jesus.

Carlson and McGhee go back and forth about how the Satanic Temple’s display came to be approved. McGhee explains that the state of Florida adopted guidelines for religious displays in the capitol, and that the Satanist display met the requirements of the guidelines. Carlson observes that “they must be pretty stupid guidelines.”

“What would be your message to the Satanists, presuming there are any, behind this display?” Carlson asks.

McGhee replies that, “You can’t spell ‘Christmas’ without ‘Christ,’ and Jesus is the reason for the season.”

Carlson ignores the fact that Satanism exists because Christianity exists.

The main thrust of the entire conversation is that Satanism isn’t a legitimate religion; that this display was created only to antagonize Christians on Christmas week. At no time does either Carlson or McGhee mention that Satanism exists because of Christianity: in the Bible, Satan is the antagonist to the Christian god.

“Just to be totally clear,” Carlson says, “you would not have an objection if a Jewish group, or a Muslim group, or a Baha’i group, or a Hindu group, or some group representing a legitimate other religion wanted a display in the state capitol, would you?”

“No problem at all,” says McGhee.

Carlson wraps up the segment by saying this:

This is just an inability to draw reasonable distinctions between reality, and what is, in fact, a pretty offensive prank.

Yeah, because everyone knows that all of those religions he mentions are absolutely real and legitimate, and Satanism is just a fake religion, probably created by liberals, just to be offensive to Christians.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Fox News:

Image via screen grab

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