TSA Agents Beat The H*ll Out Of Clearly Confused And Disabled Teenager With A Brain Tumor (VIDEO)

Federal TSA agents beat the hell out of a clearly confused and disabled teenager, leaving her a bloody mess while she was trying to return home after being treated for a brain tumor.

Hannah Cohen was unarmed when she passed through the security checkpoint at Memphis International Airport, but when she set off the metal detector, things suddenly spiraled out of control.

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They wanted to do further scanning, (but) she was reluctant — she didn’t understand what they were about to do,” said her mother, Shirley Cohen.

Cohen desperately tried to explain to the security officers that her 19-year-old daughter is partially deaf, blind in one eye, paralyzed and easily confused, but they wouldn’t let her anywhere near her terrified child and ignored her pleas.

Confused and scared out of her mind, Hannah tried to run away. That’s when security agents violently took the frightened woman to the ground.

She’s trying to get away from them, but in the next instant, one of them had her down on the ground and hit her head on the floor,” Cohen said. “There was blood everywhere.”

Hannah, who was trying to return home after receiving the last of her treatments at St. Jude Children’s Hospital for the tumor on her brainstem, was arrested, placed in handcuffs, and taken to jail.

The charges against her were eventually thrown out, but her family has now filed a lawsuit against Memphis police, airport police, and the TSA.

None of these agencies would comment, citing the ongoing litigation, but a spokesperson for the TSA issued a statement that basically said people with disabilities should call ahead to make special arrangements if they don’t want the shit kicked out of them when they travel.

Passengers can call ahead of time to learn more about the screening process for their particular needs or medical situation,” said TSA spokesperson Sari Koshetz.

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