Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Fueled The California Mosque Fire-Bombing (VIDEO)

With all of Trump’s hate-mongering and anti-Muslim rhetoric, it’s no wonder the crazies are coming out to wreak havoc on our communities and target Muslims.

Friday, a mosque in California was the target of a hate crime when fire bombed. There have been several incidents in just this past week since the San Bernardino terrorist shootings, the Islamic Society of the Coachella Valley mosque being the latest. Although this heinous act has spread alarm throughout this Riverside County community, attending Muslims, who arrived for their regular prayer only to find their place of worship had been torched, held prayer outside.

While I’m thankful that, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, a person of interest is currently being detained as a possible suspect for this hate-crime this is not over.

The level in which Donald Trump spews his Islamaphobic rhetoric, is adding fuel to a very dangerous fire that has the potential to become uncontrollable.

Trump has been bashing Muslims nonstop since the Paris attacks and then went further to states his plan to “ban all Muslims” if he became president. For whatever reason, Trump feels the need to infect Americans with prejudice in hopes of it spreading. This is the sign of a very sick human being.

Sadly, this vile excuse for a man is the leading Republican presidential candidate and it’s embarrassing and scary. He has no business holding such a distinguished platform in which will undoubtedly be used to spread more of his ignorance.

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Featured image via video screenshot; h/t Occupy Democrats

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