Trump Voter Claims Media Will Twist Her Words, So Here She Is Unedited – And Batshit Insane (VIDEO)

Trump and his supporters have long claimed that the media is twisting their words, editing their comments, and intentionally making them look bad. Here’s a thought that has seemingly never occurred to them: The media doesn’t need to twist, edit or intentionally make them look any which way, they can look pretty bad all on their own.

Enter Ms. F*ck You, a woman wearing a Trump/Pence 2016 shirt and furious that the media was talking to anti-Trump protesters; a woman who when asked for her name by a reporter simply replied, “F*ck you!”

Journalist Cal Perry of MSNBC was holding an interview with protesters near Trump Tower when the woman crashed the shot and began loudly screaming at the reporter for not being fair to Trump. Within seconds she had worked herself up into a spittle-laden rage. After accusing the media of a cover up, she makes a simple request:

“Why don’t you get it on camera instead of editing?”

So they did. In all its insanity, they captured every single second of her unhinged rant.

Some highlights:

  • She claims Trump makes a monthly $1 million anonymous donation to children’s charities
  • She claims Trump hired immigrants to build his “towers” and then “put them up” in said towers instead of charging rent (?)
  • The media is “baiting” Trump and then editing his freak outs
  • If she gives MSNBC her name they will “edit it” to be something different (?)
  • Trump is a “good man, with a good awesome heart”

And then comes my personal favorite moment. Ms. F*ck You chooses her mic drop moment by claiming without a shred of evidence that Trump “travels the world feeding the kids, you f*cking motherf*cker.” (No. No, he does not.)

And MSNBC never did get her real name. But they did get all of this on tape.

Featured image via Twitter

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