Trump Says Claims Of Russian Hacking Are Just ‘Another Excuse’ For His ‘Massive Landslide’ (VIDEO)

News broke Friday revealing that the CIA has concluded Russia interfered in the election to help Donald Trump win. But Trump says all this uproar of Russian hacking and meddling is nothing more than “another excuse” for his “massive landslide.” (Insert eye roll here.)

Trump was interviewed by Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday and was asked for his take on the likelihood of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Trump insisted. “I don’t believe it. I don’t know why and I think it’s just — you know, they talked about all sorts of things. Every week it’s another excuse. We had a massive landslide victory as you know in the electoral college.”

“Nobody really knows,” Trump said. “Hacking is very interesting. Once they hack, if you don’t catch them in the act, you’re not going to catch them. They have no idea if it’s Russia or China or somebody. It could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace.”

In Trump’s opinion, the entire situation is just a made up problem so Democrats have a scapegoat after their election loss. He believes the only reason we are hearing about a foreign autocrat meddling in our presidential election is “because they [Democrats] suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country. And frankly, I think they’re putting it out. It’s ridiculous.”

It is worth noting at this point that Trump’s victory was hardly a landslide and he lost the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes and counting. His Electoral College win is also near the very bottom in history. But in his mind, his electoral college win equates to a “massive landslide” and one of “the great victories of all time.”

“I don’t want anyone hacking us,” Trump said. “And I’m not only talking about countries, I’m talking about anyone period. But if you’re going to do that, I think you should not just say Russia, you should say other countries also. And maybe other individuals.”

“We had — many people are saying — one of the great victories of all time,” Trump said.

Watch Trump argue that Russian hacking is just an “excuse,” here:

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