Trump OVERWHELMINGLY Loses Debate in CNN Poll, Cries About Moderators (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s campaign is taking a nose dive. Despite the shrinking margin between he and Clinton going into the first debate his numbers began to plummet just after it. Between his sexist comments on Friday and his abysmal performance last night it is more than likely that his numbers are going to fall even lower. 57% of viewers felt that Clinton won the second debate, while just 34% said that Trump did well.

Amazingly, about two thirds of those same viewers thought that Trump did better than they expected. Meaning that they were expecting his performance to be outright tragic. Honestly, I kind of felt the same way. As bad as he did, I kind of expected some sort of giant crying fit where he just storms off the stage. People like Trump don’t take losses well. And Trump is losing. Badly.

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Don’t get me wrong though, if you want to see a pathetic melt down head over to Youtube and watch the debate. Trump get’s into a fight with Anderson Cooper over who’s turn it is, he criticizes both moderators about being too hard on him and at one point simply demands that they ask more questions about Hillary’s emails just a few minutes after they explicitly asked about them.

If anyone is the clear winner coming out of the second debate it’s Anderson Cooper. Of all the moderators thus far Anderson was best able to keep Trump from talking out of turn. Cooper outright yelled at Trump several times and Trump really responded. Then there were other moments where he picked up his mic as if he was going to interrupt, looked over to the moderators desk and then put it back down with an uncomfortable smile. I’m not sure what it is exactly about Anderson Cooper that frightens Trump but I bet he’s feeling pretty good about his career right now.

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