Trump Effect Strikes Again: Muslim Family Threatened With Gun By Bigoted Vet ‘Off His Meds’ (VIDEO)

In Missouri, a 72-year-old man is under investigation by the FBI for threatening the lives of a Muslim family with his handgun in an Islamophobic rampage. Why? Well, the couple and their four children were house hunting in his neighborhood.

Leonardo Debello admitted that he was accused of saying he wanted them to die during a fight with a father and his family. Debello, a Vietnam vet, also showed a sign he has since hung by his door reading “take your meds,” because he claims being off of his PTSD medication caused to brandish a handgun, pointing it at the car the family’s children were in, and scream “you, your wife and your kids have to die.”

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The incident was sparked by Debello seeing the family as they were leaving a home in Debello’s neighborhood that is for sale. Debello’s behavior escalated quickly according to the family.

“You Muslim?” Debello asked the family, who had fled the violence in their home country for the “safer” state of Missouri. According to the family, without waiting for a reply, the unhinged racist continued, “You should die! This state allows you to carry a gun and shoot you.” Then, Debello left, went into his house and returned with a handgun, which he aimed at the car and continued roaring:

You, your wife and your kids have to die.

On the advice of an attorney Debello wouldn’t discuss the incident on camera, and does dispute some parts of the police report, but regrets his part in the exchange. The family is willing to be interviewed, but after they have discussed this with the FBI.

This is becoming all too common in a country whose leaders are so supportive of racism they actually base campaign promises on it.

The husband, from Jerusalem and the wife, from Jordan, thought they were bringing their children to the safety of America, and have discovered the cancer of bigotry that we have yet to eradicate. Especially with the GOP unapologetically throwing fuel on the fire to endear themselves to the low-information, undereducated, and often racist voter base of the Republican party.

Watch the full news broadcast here:

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