Trump Brags About Watching Muslims Get Detained In Airports In Disgusting Post-Ban Interview (VIDEO)

Trump provided brief remarks regarding his decision to impose a religious test as a condition to entry into the United States as well as a flat ban on Muslims in from several Middle Eastern countries. The whole thing is pathetic and gross, but there was one part that made my stomach turn in knots.

As flashbulbs popped, Trump grinned he seems to think makes him look presidential as he lied that the ban is working out just great. He then added this curious but extremely telling aside:

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“You see it at the airports, you see it all over. It’s working out very nicely.”

Trump appears to be describing, with childish glee, the inhumane treatment of Muslim refugees currently detained in airports across the country. He sees the chaos, the fear, and the sadness – not to mention the mass protests already forming around the country – as a good thing. He thinks that’s the definition of “working out very nicely.”

Here’s the shit-eating grin he wears the whole time. It’s important to burn this image into your mind because it speaks volumes.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Trump statement if it didn’t contain some lies. Aside from the fact that this Muslim ban is not working out “very nice” – and indeed has created mass confusion and chaos among immigration officials and citizens alike – Trump also claimed it wasn’t actually a Muslim ban. He provided no proof for this. However, contradicting that claim is…Donald Trump from yesterday… who swore that Christians in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries would be allowed into America, whereas Muslims wouldn’t.

By definition that’s a ban on Muslims.

Meanwhile, Muslims – many of whom have green cards, visas, or other permission to enter the United States – are being blocked from entering. The wording of the executive order is so outrageously broad that Canadian Muslims with duel citizenship in any of the listed countries aren’t allowed to come into the United States. Nor is a British politician who was born in Iraq.

Nor an Iranian filmmaker who was set to be honored at the Oscars.

Nor thousands of other Muslims who have family or business ties to the United States.

So Mr. Trump, wipe that smirk off your face.

Featured image via CNN

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