Total Hypocrite Jeb Bush Claims Lobbyists Are Bad…For Audience Of Corporate Lobbyists (VIDEO)

Proving that the apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the ‘Shrub’, Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush took hypocrisy to a new level by denouncing lobbyists in a speech delivered to…wait for it…corporate lobbyists.

Speaking at a function organized by the Florida Chamber of Commerce at Florida State University, Bush claimed that during his tenure as Florida Governor he “refused to go along” with what he called the capital’s “comfortable establishment,” wherein lobbyists control and shape public policy.

Bush then went on to state that he would do the same in Washington if elected President. He cited a statistic that approximately $12.5 million dollars per member of Congress was spent by lobbyists and special interest groups. When the audience reacted to that figure (maybe they thought MORE should have been spent?), he added acting to his repertoire by looking incredulous.

Let’s roll the tape…

These days, Bush is displaying almost superhuman feats of hypocrisy.

Let’s back up and take an even closer look…

Formerly a lobbyist for a Miami real estate firm, Jeb Bush, during his tenure as Florida Governor, worked closely with lobbyists (including the Southern Strategy Group) in shaping public policy. The group bankrolled the Florida Republican Party while Bush was governor, and one of its lobbyists, John Thrasher, is now President of Florida State University where…let’s circle back around…Bush’s most recent speech took place.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce took great pains to disassociate itself from the function at which Jeb Bush spoke, but emails released by the University show that the Chamber DID organize the event on behalf of Bush’s campaign, and worked closely with the campaign on it.

Featured Image via CNN video screen capture

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