Today In White Privilege: DEA Agent’s Daughter Called ‘Adorable Drug Kingpin’ (VIDEO)

Let’s say that you were arrested for drug possession. Now, let’s say that the drugs you were found to be in possession of were “31.5 grams of packaged cocaine, 126 grams of high grade marijuana, 29 ‘ecstasy’ tablets, methamphetamine and 60 doses of a drug similar to LSD.” Furthermore, let’s say that when cops searched your cell phone, they found that you weren’t just using drugs yourself, but you were selling them as well. You’re going to jail for a long time, yes? Not if your father is a DEA official.

19-year-old Sarah Furay was arrested in College Station, Texas in early November, and charged with possession of the above list of drugs. But Furay had a “get out of jail free card.” Her father, Bill Furay, is the head of the Beaumont, Texas DEA office. So after being taken to the police station and smiling for the camera, Furay spent one night in jail and was released on $39,000 bail.

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Furay is facing three felony drug trafficking counts, and up to 215 years in jail, thanks to Texas’s harsh drug laws. But observers say that she is likely to spend little if any time in jail.

How did the media report this? She was called “an adorable drug kingpin.” In several outlets the main interest wasn’t Furay’s crime, but her smiling mugshot, which has been labeled “the happiest mugshot in America.” And why shouldn’t she be smiling? Her skin is the right color, and daddy is in charge of the local drug war machinery. It seems his troops have been spending too much time in poor neighborhoods, and not enough time at their boss’s house.

Speaking of media reporting, go to the Fox News website, and do a search for “Sarah Furay.” Zero results. But do a search for “drug dealer,” and up pops several stories, including one with the mugshots of several young men of color. Furay was arrested almost a month ago. You might think that the “fair and balanced” network would have done at least one story about her. Apparently they’ve been too busy demonizing Muslims and people of color to notice this “adorable” little white girl.

Make no mistake, this isn’t Sarah Furay’s fault. Which of us wouldn’t use any means at our disposal to get out of something like the charges facing her? She is merely the most recent poster child for white privilege in America. You know, that white privilege that all your conservative friends say doesn’t exist.

Here’s a report on the white privilege of Sarah Furay:

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