Thousands Gather In Utah To Oppose Their Governor’s Cut To Planned Parenthood Funding (VIDEO)

Armed with their heavily doctored footage of a Planned Parenthood official, their faux outrage and their tenuous grasp on the truth and reality, Republican governors across the nation have launched into an assault against Planned Parenthood. One governor, however, is feeling the heat from a growing movement online against him.

Making a mountain out of imaginary fetus body parts

The Center for Medical “Progress” released the first of their hit videos back in July. It’s just the latest in a concentrated smear campaign by political Christians to undermine a woman’s right to chose, and to strip poor people of, in many cases, their only source of healthcare.

Following the video’s release, two Republicans leading the charge because of the video admitted knowing about it in advance — by as much as a year — but waited until its release to act outraged. One even tried to redact their statements, claiming the conversation “never happened.”

Then, the shady Center for Medical “Progress” revealed their connections with the right-wing terrorist organization, Operation Rescue. This organization has had a hand in an attempted bombing of a health clinic and it’s rhetoric, if not direct actions, connect them to the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

Since, many agencies have come forward and pointed out there was no evidence of wrong doingthe video was a heavily doctored lie, and there was no truth to its framing.

This, of course, hasn’t stopped Republican governors eager to cash in on the outrage machine. But one governor, Governor Gary Herbert, is facing some heat from his electorate as a result of his decision to halt Planned Parenthood funding.

“They colored outside the lines”

The Facebook page Planned Parenthood Advocacy Group was founded by Brooks Bergmann, and within the first three days, more than 2,600 people joined.

“It’s a good amount of people and it only started about three days ago, so it’s a large amount of people in a short amount of time,” said Bergmann, who’s using the momentum to plan an August 25 rally on the Capitol steps.

Bergmann hopes that they’ll have a large turnout: “We’re hoping that this energy is something that is going to continue to build and we hope that we’ll have a large turnout.”

Governor Herbert, however, doesn’t care.

“You know they colored outside the lines and people should be very concerned about the selling of fetal body parts for money,” Herbert told Fox 13.

Scarier than Herbert echoing a right-wing lie, however, is that he might actually have the authority to follow through with the cut.

Tom Hudachko, a spokesman for the Utah Health Department, told Fox 13,  “We have a mechanism in state contracts that allows us to terminate contracts with 30 days’ notice.”

And while the 30 days tick down, the support for Planned Parenthood and criticism against Herbert continues to grow.

Watch the video below:

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