This Woman Thinks It’s Okay To Inconvenience Disabled People – Freaks Out When Caught (VIDEO)

Joshua Coleman’s son is disabled and requires a wheelchair for mobility. Consequently, the family has a disabled parking permit they use while out with their child. However, like many who require preferential parking, or love someone who does – one becomes extremely sensitive to the lack of mindfulness often paid by able-bodied individuals who use the space illegally.

In the video, Coleman shares:

I use disabled parking for my son who is in a wheelchair. Often times, when I take him to kindergarten there is someone using those spaces who doesn’t have a disabled placard or plate. This is one of those days. . .

Coleman then proceeds to take photos of the woman parked in the clearly marked loading zone for the disabled parking place. She was none too pleased with being photographed.


The mother in the vehicle then moved her car and confronted Coleman in front of other parents, and children, entering the school.

[If she] wanted me to move today . . . Get the camera out of my face! . . . she would have asked me to move. All you had to do was say ‘ hey ma’am that’s kind of rude, why don’t you move?’ instead of coming up and taking pictures of it. Is that not rude?

The woman then says the area she was occupying was simply a “no parking” zone, but not a “handicapped” space – and that she parked “way over” to provide room for anyone in the space. Apparently, she forgot that an image of her parking had been captured, and it is fairly clear that she is in the center of the “no parking” area, which has a blue curb visibly behind it indicating it is, in fact, part of the disabled parking space.

This mother is also oblivious to the fact that she is very much in the wrong. Someone with the legal permit to use that area of the parking lot should not have to ask a motorist, who is illegally using the space, to move. That negates the entire reason we have specific space for disabled parking.

Watch the entire rant below.

Warning: some language may be considered offensive. Viewer discretion advised (even if this entire performance took place in front of school-aged children).


H/T: Viral Viral Videos | Images via video screen capture

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