This Will Make Your Day: 3,600 High School Students Perform Epic Lip Sync (VIDEO)

I’m home for the holidays in Oklahoma and a family member just sent me the most amazing video of Broken Arrow High School students who all came together to make something epic. With so many older people talking about “kids these days” and “get off my lawn,” it’s nice to highlight the cool things that the younger Millennials are up to.

According to the video’s description, the students spent three weeks making it including their Homecoming Week, culminating into the last day of filming when all 3600 students in the school came together to sing “We’re All In This Together” from Disney’s “High School Musical.”

For over 11-minutes the students fake-sang 13 hit songs from Kanye West to Miley Cyrus and others. The Committee On Life At Broken Arrow Senior High were the ones who helped coordinate sports teams and clubs to ensure all students were represented. You see them all from the volleyball team to the wrestling team, of course, the band, even the drama kids in the theatre dressing rooms.

Currently, 12 percent of high school students (9-12th grade) say that they’re being electronically bullied. LGBT students are at an even greater risk of bullying as well as suicide. While the vast majority of students who are bullied do not commit suicide, they do suffer from depression, anxiety and suicidal behavior. Doing projects like these where a school can come together and generate solidarity, can bond them in significant ways and makes them feel a part of a team.

“We wanted to create something different this year that wasn’t the typical lip dub,” video creator Greg Spencer told BAHS’ school newspaper. “I wanted to incorporate as many students as possible. Our main goal was to create something visually interesting that represents how engaged and spirited the student body has become. I really think we accomplished that.”

The end result is a video that truly captures the engagement going on at Broken Arrow High School right now. Students should be proud to be a Broken Arrow Tiger and I think this video shows all the reasons why!


Feature image via video capture.

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