This Video Of A Black Man Getting In Trouble For BBQing Is Going Viral – Is It Racist? (VIDEO)

Whether it’s blooming roses or jasmine, freshly mowed grass, rain or barbecues, summer comes with its own smells. One man in Florida, though, got in trouble for not containing the smell of barbecue within his own back yard. Scotty Jordan is African-American, and he is pretty certain that’s the reason anyone is complaining at all.

In the video, Jordan is seen arguing with a county official, Joe Graham, who was called because a neighbor complained about the smoke and the smell. Jordan argued that other neighbors have had barbecues and no one has complained. According to the council member, barbecue smells must be contained on the property.

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While the transaction was civil, Jordan became increasingly frustrated, saying, “Everyone in the world can cook out except me.”

Apparently, this isn’t Jordan’s first run-in with this particular neighbor. He has had 15 complaints levied against him for barbecuing and 14 complaints came from that one neighbor.

His video has gone viral. On Facebook there are about 90,000 shares. There are over 800,000 shares on YouTube.

Here’s the video:

While anti-discrimination laws prevent direct discrimination, there are still many forms of soft discrimination. Law and code enforcement, ranging from police to homeowner’s associations, can be selective in how they enforce rules. It’s still not uncommon for white neighbors to try to force black neighbors out and that can be done by simply being a nuisance, which is what Jordan’s neighbor appears to be doing.

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