WATCH: This Video Is Taking The Internet By Storm For A Very Good Reason (VIDEO)

How many times have you been told, “You have to see this video!”? We often scroll right past posts like that without much thought. Just another “viral sensation,” we think. We may be right to think that, most of the time. How many cute kittens can one handle, after all? But this video is different.

Prince Ea is a musician and poet, an activist and speaker. The twenty-seven-year-old, who was born and raised in North St. Louis, has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Missouri. He is a forward thinker, someone who sees the big picture. His organization — SMART (Sophisticating Millions and Revolutionizing Thought) — promotes positive change through speakers, community events, and mentorship programs. He creates content that is intended to move viewers/listeners and to help people change the way they look at themselves. Because “the only way to change the world is to change the individual.”

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The video he created is a passionate plea for human beings to recognize that we are all the same race. That the labels we have placed upon us and that we place upon others are just a façade. With his voice and the faces of many different people, Prince Ea makes a powerful and fervent entreaty for us to break free from these labels and, by so doing, bring peace to this world.

When this link came along on my news feed, my first inclination was to scroll past. I was tired and my back was aching, I had to go run an errand… the usual excuses. But the friend who shared it is such a passionate person herself, and someone I deeply respect, so I clicked on it. About halfway through, I was in tears. This is what liberals believe, it’s what progressives strive for. It’s how we should be living. Please take 4 minutes and 30 seconds out of your day to watch this video. You won’t be sorry.


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