This Man Was Arrested For Burglary. The Judge Had A Big Surprise For Him (VIDEO)

Arthur Booth, a 49-year-old Florida resident, was arrested by Hialeah police on June 29 for burglary, grand theft, fleeing from police, and resisting arrest. On Tuesday, June 30, he appeared in bond court in front of Judge Mindy Glazer, where he got the surprise of his life.

According to WTVJ, Booth was spotted driving a vehicle that was suspected of being involved in a home burglary. When police tried to stop him, Booth tried to flee. He ran stop signs and was involved in two accidents before he abandoned the car and fled on foot. He was caught a short time later.

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When Booth appears in front of Judge Glazer, she asks him, “Did you go to Nautilus for middle school?” Booth suddenly realizes that she was one of his middle school classmates. “Oh my goodness,” he exclaims, as he breaks down in tears and hangs his head.

“This was the nicest kid in middle school,” Glazer continues. “He was the best kid in middle school. I used to play football with him, and all the kids. And look what has happened. I am so sorry to see this.”

“I am so sorry to see you there. Mr. Booth, I hope you are able to change your ways, good luck to you,” Glazer finishes.

Despite the reunion of old friends, Glazer took no pity on her former classmate, setting his bond at $43,000.

Here’s a report on the bittersweet reunion, via WTVJ:

Featured image via screen capture from WTVJ

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