This Is What ‘Upskirting’ Looks Like And What It Says About Our Country (VIDEO)

It’s hard to not believe there is a war on women when you see shit like this and know that in some states it’s perfectly legal.

“Upskirting” is an invasive trend where stalking pervs film or photograph up unsuspecting victims’ skirts and dresses in public places. The evolution of the smartphone has revolutionized the lowly pastime and made it easier than ever for creeps to ogle your private goods well beyond your knowledge or intentions. Legally in some states, like Texas, and illegally in others. Not since mirrors on the tips of your shoes has such a great leap been taken in perverted ingenuity. It’s repulsive to read the legal arguments permitting upskirting, but some of them can be found here.

But what does it look like, really? What does it matter?

While it’s not right, there are maybe more important things in the world to get riled about, right? And so we, as a society, for the most part let it go.

What it looks like, though, is even creepier than you might think. This isn’t a bunch of testosterone-fueled college boys behaving poorly who should damn well know better. It’s 55-year old John Wiggins of Henrico County, Virginia, “accidentally” dropping a box of pasta between your wife’s legs so he can feign picking it up while he snaps away for his own enjoyment, or perhaps the entire Internet’s. Who knows? And with arguments like, “It doesn’t count because she was ‘technically’ fully clothed,” what’s to stop pedophiles from doing the same thing to our children? No harm, no foul if they’re technically “fully clothed,” right? Never mind that some 55-year-old man is snapping pictures up young Suzie’s Sunday dress.

That’s what happened to one man, who caught Wiggins in the act one day following him around a Walmart after his own wife had been victimized by him. The tenacious husband managed to snap a secret picture of his own, showing what appears to be Wiggins taking pictures up a woman’s dress with his cell phone, right there in the store’s aisle. As a result, Wiggins has since been booked, Danno, and charged with two counts of upskirting the two women. The husband’s victimized wife stated:

It started in the shampoo department. That’s when it happened the first time. He looked directly at me and I felt his guilt. I definitely haven’t worn a dress out shopping, and I don’t know when I’ll do it again.

The problem is America is simultaneously a hyper-sexualized country while also a sexually repressed country. It f*cks us all up. All of us.

We’re the poster child for capitalism, too, and baby each of us is a commodity of some sort. Women especially are commoditized, and you better believe sexuality comes into play there. Consequently they are further objectified to the point where here, in the golden era of porn, it’s perfectly possible to “reasonably” argue in a court of law that taking peeping tom pics up people’s clothing in public is not an invasion of privacy and holds no legal ground for contesting it – and win!

Sorry, folks. If you wear a skirt or dress, perhaps a loose blouse, and someone wants to jam it between your legs and snap a few pics, there isn’t much you can do about it.

Oh, but we love and respect women, though. That’s why we pay them equal wages and such, right?


Our disrespect and objectification – our subjugation – of women has become so pervasive that people like Wiggins can be so bold as to do what he does and expect to get away with it.

To top it off, Wiggins worked as a teacher’s aide at a local high school before his recent arrest. Makes you wonder how many pencils he may have dropped there, doesn’t it?

Naturally, Wiggins’ family is mortified. His daughter emailed local WTKR regarding the “allegation” against her father. She wrote:

My dad is obviously struggling with mental illness. My family and I are being affected greatly by this situation.

One might even say, the entire nation is struggling with mental illness.

How does “Crazy Train” go?

Featured image via video screen capture

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