This Incredibly Powerful 3 Minute Video Could End Racism If Enough People Watch It (VIDEO)

I hate racism. I hate labels. I hate people who think like racists and I hate people who attach labels.

I hate. How unfortunate is that? Hate is the ugly word that we throw around to describe our disgust with the refusal of society to give in to our demands. Racists hate too. They hate change. They hate what they don’t know or understand. They use labels to describe others. They are ignorant, bigoted and intolerant.

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At least that’s how I’ve labeled them. That’s why I hate them.

This video will make you think. It will make you question. It will touch you so deeply that you may begin to have empathy for those you despise. As a people, we will never be one until we shed the labels that we’ve drawn on each other, whether they be because of our race, religion, or politics or because of our unwillingness to understand those who can’t see past them.

We come into this world a single shade of human. What we’re taught and what we accept, what we feel and what we believe isn’t so different from the next person, no matter who they are. If enough people watch this video and start to question the things they’ve been labeled and the labels they’ve placed, we can evolve as a society and move on. There will come a point where our very survival depends on our unity. Who wants to be responsible for denying their children the opportunity to at least try?

Not I. I don’t want to hate. It’s not doing me any good. I don’t want my children to hate. It’s such an ugly feeling. I want them to understand and to be tolerant and to love unconditionally. I want them to care and to try to effect change and to be the driving force of all that is good. I want them to succeed where I have failed.

Therefore, I love this video and everything it stands for. Watch it and allow it to sink in and you just may, too.

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