This Church Just Showed Racist Vandals The Meaning Of Human Decency (VIDEO)

An Arizona church has replaced a “Black Lives Matter” banner on its property after the previous banner had been defaced twice.

Since the emergence of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, some people have been upset, saying that the phrase implies that black lives matter more than other lives. The sign at Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Chandler, Arizona was apparently defaced by someone who holds that opinion.

In November, according to KPHO, the church placed a sign that said simply “Black Lives Matter” on church property. That sign was defaced by a vandal, or vandals, who covered the word “black” with the word “all” written on a piece of paper. There were also paper signs reading “All Lives Matter” strewn around the churchyard.

Church members removed the paper signs and the paper covering the original sign, only to have the sign defaced again. That time, someone spray painted through “black” and spray painted “all” in its place.

Now, on Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, the church has replaced the sign once again. This time the phrase “Black Lives Matter” comes with an explanation for why the phrase is being used. The new sign reads:

We affirm that all lives matter but we proclaim that

Black Lives Matter

Because so often in our society they are treated as if they do not.

Any questions, vandals?

Here’s the story:


Featured image via KPHO screen capture

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