These Videos Are Why Homophobic A-Holes Need To STFU About Rainbow Doritos (VIDEOS)

Doritos has partnered with the “It Gets Better Project“, and the resulting Rainbow bag and brightly colored chips are (of course) now causing homophobes everywhere to break into hives while they cry out in anguish.  The project is a non-profit established by sex advice columnist Dan Savage to combat mental illness and suicide in LGBT youth.

Doritos will be releasing a Rainbow colored bag and brightly colored chips to help remind LGBT kids that it will honestly get better than High School. Of course, the fundamentalists and RWNJ’s are up in arms; how dare the (Imaginary) gay agenda and the Rainbow Mafia force people to eat or look at GAY CORN CHIPS!!!

If you aren’t familiar with the It Gets Better Project, let me introduce you to it the way I was (NSFW):

That video, by Rebbeca Drysdale, is the tip of the iceberg. From Pixar Animation Studios  and Apple Employees to Todrick Hall and the Austin Police, adults from all over are doing this to reach out to teens that have little support. Teens can be a-holes to each other, which is a major reason why the suicide rate among LGBT kids is 4-6 times that of straight kids. Don’t kid yourself, most are driven to it and few have a really good support network.

According to SFGate the conservative media has literally lost it’s mind–some even hinting the chips will may make you gay:

Doritos are a product marketed to children, so they make the perfect gateway snack to introduce children to the joys of homosexuality,” writes Ed Straker of the ironically named American Thinker website. “What business does PepsiCo have pushing homosexuality on our kids?”

While Straker classifies the different colored Doritos – “green are homosexual, the pink are lesbian” – he fails to tell readers how many chips you have to eat in order to turn gay.

As a reminder, the It Gets Better Project is about saving young people from depression and suicide by giving them resources to survive living in homophobic families and communities.

Maybe Doritos should have checked with the very vocal anti-gay crowd before they threw their hat in the ring to support our LGBTQ youth as well [/sarcasm font]. It is time to tell these haters that enough is enough. It will get better and we are going to keep telling all youth that: I know, it got better for me.

Please, watch this very emotionally moving video by Todrick Hall:


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