‘The Daily Show’ SHREDS Rand Paul’s Anti-Gay Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Senator “I Love Small Government But Only When It Doesn’t Interfere With My Bigotry” Rand Paul, made the mistake of trying to defend the anti-gay religious laws on The Daily Show, Tuesday, and had his hypocrisy thrown in his face by host Jon Stewart.

Stewart called out Senator Paul for trying to claim that Christian bakeries refusing to sell wedding cakes to gay couples is “religious liberty.” He told him that the same people who screamed that the “Ground Zero Mosque” shouldn’t be permitted in NYC, an issue that had to do with religious freedom, are now saying that bigots not selling gay people wedding cakes is religious liberty. Rand Paul said that the First Amendment granted people the “right to be despicable”:

When they told me they were going to build a mosque at 9/11, I was horrified. I thought that was a terrible thing, but I’m not for a law to prevent them. If you want to march down the street and you’re a part of the KKK, I’m horrified by that and object to it, but there are certain — the First Amendment is about the right to be despicable….

Stewart laughed at Paul’s idiotic comparison: “But you can’t equate a mosque with the KKK, or gay marriage with the KKK, which I’ve heard a lot.” Paul tried to recover from the asinine KKK comparison by telling Stewart that people can disagree with the law, but don’t have to accept people’s beliefs. He also rambled on about religious conservatives being afraid that they would no longer be allowed to practice their religion in their own churches. He also claimed that he is tolerant.

That’s when Jon Stewart exposed him for the hypocritical fool he is:

We have this idea that corporations are people and should it be as easy as ‘I don’t agree with this and it’s because I’m Christian’ because then, well then, I mean, it seems like gay marriage looms a lot larger in the minds of certain conservatives than it does in the Bible. And the only thing I would say is, don’t they sell cakes to sinners all the time, adulterers? People that use, when you come in do they go ‘do you use the Lord’s name in vain’?


Paul totally dodges the question and starts talking about the Patriot Act, because he knows that he can’t answer it. Rand Paul talks a good game about “small government” and how he is the candidate that is going to preserve the rights of Americans, but he doesn’t actually mean that. He is just like every other imbecile in his party who believes they have a right to insert their personal beliefs into the law. He is defending bigoted Christian bakers and their “right” to be homophobic, but not the LGBTQ community’s right to live a life free of discrimination. So tell me: How, exactly, is he different from the rest of the Republican Party?



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