The Birth Of A Scandal: Fox News Creates A ‘Race-Baiting’ Issue Out Of Thin Air (VIDEO)

When a high school principal in Georgia managed to offend an entire auditorium full of people, getting herself fired, and sparking a national media blitz, Fox News remained completely silent. Their base of old white men and ‘Murican patriots wouldn’t be interested in seeing a racist skewered in the news and on social media, so why bother?

The incident did, however, give Fox a great idea. All they needed was a high school principal to say something…anything…about black men being killed by police and voila…instant ratings.

They found just that when Dr. Fred Skretta of Belton High School in Belton, MO, made it known that he feels that black lives matter:

I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to change the world; I wanted to make it a better place. I’m gonna be honest with you I fear that in a lot of ways we are not there yet. If we were there we wouldn’t have conflicts between police, killing young black men.

Aaaaaand…cut. That’s where Fox flips back to the studio, where two actors and an actress put on their best outrage for the cameras.

The blonde, whatever her name is, says that people were so offended that they actually walked out. Sound familiar? The difference between the “people” walking out of this graduation and the people walking out of the graduation in Atlanta is that in Atlanta, the video shows people outraged. You can watch people walk out. You can hear the disbelief and see the tension.

To show just how upset “the people” were in Benton, Fox shows a 30 second interview with one guy, who says he was very, very offended.

One. Guy. No video of him leaving, no reports from anyone but Fox that this so-called “outrage” actually existed, just a video of a speech cut short and one white man’s opinion.

Dr. Skretta did take to Twitter to apologize, presumably after hearing about all of the outrage, saying he knows police have a difficult job and that he was sorry if anyone was offended.

Fox claimed the school board issued an apology as well, but the statement they read simply said that the views expressed by Dr. Skretta were his own.

Fair and balanced as always, Fox. Bravo.

Watch the birth of a scandal: Fox News creates a race baiting’ incident out of thin air.

Featured image: Screen capture from YouTube


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