Thanks, NRA: Teen Fatally Shot By Friend Playing With Loaded Gun On Christmas Day (VIDEO)

In Detroit, Michigan, another minor has been shot. While the ammosexual agenda has a startlingly powerful lobby protecting the right to uninhibited gun ownership, it certainly doesn’t care to help push legislation for safe and responsible ownership.

This time, it was a 16 year named Bernard Walker who was fatally shot while he and a friend were playing with a loaded gun, although the exact details of the incident are still unknown. The teen, who is described by neighbors and people who knew him as a “good kid,” was shot in the head early Christmas morning and rushed to the hospital where he later died.

As of yet no criminal charges have been filed and the police have refused to comment on the matter. The authorities have one person in custody but their identity has yet to be released, possibly because it may also be a minor.

This comes on the heels of the third, and now possibly fourth, consecutive year that Michigan ranks as one of the 13 states where gun deaths outnumber traffic deaths. This is truly notable because traffic deaths are the #5 cause of death in the country. While traffic safety has continually been pushed through legislation and regulation the numbers of traffic deaths are actually decreasing. Meanwhile, in ‘Murica – land of the free – the number of gun deaths have been steadily rising.

The push for continued safety regulations for guns is, quite frankly, not a partisan issue when people are polled. The National Rifle Association and other gun manufacturers, however, have very deep pockets and use that to for propaganda to spin a narrative not truly reflective of the will of the American people.

According to Gallup, over 55% of the nation are not satisfied with the current gun laws and believe that common sense restrictions need to be put in place. Stopping the gun show loophole is one of the highest priorities, and yet the NRA continues to support no background checks at gun shows when they sang another tune back in the 1990’s.

Money talks, but maybe it’s time for “common sense” legislators to sit down and talk about real world solutions. Obama has been in office for 6 years and has yet to pass any gun legislation. Rhetoric on the issue of gun legislation hasn’t saved a single life. Quite the opposite, in fact.

When will enough be enough?

Watch a news report about the tragedy by By My FOX Detroit below:
FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston
H/T: My Fox Detroit | Image courtesy My Fox Detroit

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