WTF? Law Enforcement Officials Raid and Serve Warrant on… Police Station? (VIDEO)

People showing up to the Santa Rosa Police Department on Nov. 19 for a session in the municipal court were sent home with instructions to return the following day. The building was closed down as of 1:30 that Wednesday, and for some reason, there were more officers of the law hanging around. Why? The cops raided the cops, obviously.

Texas Rangers raid Santa Rosa Police Department

Texas Rangers, along with the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office, showed up at the Santa Rosa Police Department on Wednesday with a search warrant. The county’s district attorney, Luis Saenz, reported that the warrant was in relation to certain issues involving missing files and evidence.  These issues were noticed when city’s police chief was terminated in October.

The police chief, Xavier Martinez, is said to have been fired after his job was eliminated due to budgetary concerns.

No big surprise

Not much information was released other than the fact that missing files and evidence were related to the search warrant, but some local residents aren’t too surprised by the raid. In fact, one local woman said that the investigation wasn’t astonishing to many because numerous townspeople believed that city funds were being embezzled by public officials. The city later released this statement:

Earlier today, the City of Santa Rosa was served with a search warrant for records pertaining to the police department. The city is cooperating with this investigation. As this is an active investigation, the city cannot have comment on the subject of the investigation at this time.

The statement would go on to claim that the investigation was part of some recovery from the city’s former financial difficulties.

Although today’s events are unfortunate, they are also part of the process of city’s recovery from its recent hardship. The city looks forward to serving the citizens in the future in the manner they expect.

Even people outside of the city shouldn’t be too surprised. After all, the FBI raided a police department in California on Oct. 30, just a few weeks prior to the Texas Ranger raid.

Local news report on raid

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