WATCH: Texas Police Beg Biker Gangs Not To Attack Them – A Lesson For The ‘Thugs’ In Baltimore? (VIDEO)

Usually when gangs begin to cause trouble the government police reaction is to “crack down.” For example, in Ferguson, Missouri during the Michael Brown case the police were out in full force making sure those “thugs” were kept in their place. Despite the hysteria at least partially created by the government, no one died in the Ferguson protests. Likewise in Baltimore last month, police cracked down on “thugs” who apparently were a threat to everyone because they busted a store window and grabbed a trinket. No one died there either.

When it comes to predominantly white biker gangs in Texas though, the police have a different reaction than what we saw in Baltimore, Ferguson or just about anywhere minorities stand up for themselves. The police are begging the bikers to stand down. Not only that, at every stage of the events in Waco, the police have acted rather passive in comparison to the way they have acted when inner city folks have caused a stir. Reports confirm that starting with a May 1 bulletin, obtained by ABC News affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas, that said there had been skirmishes and talk of war between the Bandidos and Cossacks for months.

Before the incident even started, the police were warned. What was the reaction? Basically nothing. The meeting that took place the day of the killings was also known to police and there was no increased presence whatsoever by any report.  The ONLY thing they did was “request” that the restaurant not have any biker events. No court orders or orders from the government to cease and desist from the bikers like the authorities did in Baltimore to peaceful student protesters.

Then the incident happened and police had to be called in, because they weren’t there. During the incident, reportedly bikers fired on police, so the police defended themselves possibly killing some of the bikers who died that day. It is not fully known who even killed who yet. But the bikers put out a serious warning to police essentially “declaring war” on them.

According to CNN;

‘Members of the Bandidos biker gang who are in the military are supplying the gang with grenades and C4 explosives,’ according to a bulletin issued Thursday by the Texas Department of Public Safety and reviewed by CNN.

The bulletin warns of plots targeting high-ranking law enforcement officials and their families with car bombs … The Bandidos want to retaliate against police for shooting “their brothers” as they came out of the Twin Peaks restaurant, the bulletin says.

The gang has ordered a hit against Texas troopers and other officers, according to the bulletin. Among the threats are running over officers at traffic stops and the use of grenades and Molotov cocktails and firearms.

So here we have gangs using the military’s weapons, apparently stealing them from within. Threatening with car bombs and other instruments of terrorism and the police don’t react with stepped up presences, the rounding up of all the known terrorists and all their associates or even a curfew. It’s obviously blatant terrorism yet no one in Texas seems to be using that word, let alone treat this like such a case.

And to top it all off, the police are begging the bikers not to attack them – a posture that wreaks of either fear or favoritism. Probably some of both.  Above they point out military ties used to obtain many of their weapons and as CNN reported on air, at least one of the arrested was a retired police officer. So it’s pretty evident that there are both military and police ties within the gangs.

Something the black “thugs” in Missouri and Maryland don’t have apparently.

Thinking back, it seems that when predominantly white gangs like the ones in Texas or the ones in the Tea Party show up to fight, they show up heavily armed. The police never seem to “crack down” in any of this. Maybe the lesson those folks should take from all this, based on the signals being sent from the government is that the people in the city need to arm themselves better. Instead of showing up with signs and maybe the odd rock or two, bring automatic weapons, C4 explosives, and rather than chant things like “we shall overcome” chant “back off or we will kill you.” Instead of calling for calm and working with the police, maybe these examples set by white protesters are showing another message and another call to action.

Seems to work for tea people and bikers. Tea people have every politician terrorized and these bikers obviously have the police treating them with kid gloves and in what seems to be a fairly defensive posture considering what has happened, relatively speaking.

If black gangs would have had nine killings during one of their riots protests, or even one killing, all the major cities would be on lock down, curfews installed and talk of “are they really just terrorists” would flood right-wing radio and TV.

Here, the police started off by doing nothing except make a “request” to the eatery (no warnings to the bikers themselves) then show up after the riot had started, and now are in a “please don’t hurt us” posture vs. the bikers. Yes, they are “investigating” and arrests have been made, but the scale of it just doesn’t seem the same as when it is minorities causing the melee, does it?

In fact these gangs and their vast criminal activities have been known to police for decades. Yet they still operate in broad daylight. They don’t even wear hoods or disguise themselves in any way. Their choppers can be heard coming from miles away even. Go figure …

Check out this report from CBS HERE:

Instead of a continuously escalating violence cycle,  maybe the police could start treating everyone with the same respect. Treat everyone equally under the law … or is that too crazy of a concept?

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