Some Ticket Holders Miffed About Oakland A’s Pride Night; Closer’s Girlfriend Comes In For The Save (VIDEO)

The Oakland A’s are hosting their first-ever LGBT Pride Night on June 17, 2015. Some season ticket holders got their sphincters in a pucker about it and wanted to sell their tickets for that game. This saddened Eireann Dolan.

Eireann Dolan has two moms who are “die-hard A’s fans” and she is domestic-partnering with A’s closing pitcher Sean Doolittle.  She also has a solution: purchase all the tickets and donate them to Bay Area Youth Center’s Our Space Community for LGBT youth.

Eireann also set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for any tickets that she couldn’t afford to pay for out of her own pocket–they originally agreed to match funds up to $3,000. The original goal was to raise $10,000. As of this writing–and it seems to be growing by the minute–they have raised $12,630 from 298 people, in one day. (Yesterday morning it was at $6,110 by 110 people in 21 hours.) In fact, the response has been so positive that they are adding seats and opening them up in the 4th level in the stadium.

The A’s have a released a statement saying:

We are hopeful that the support that has been expressed for the event in the past few days will make it an even more successful first-year event and demonstrate that the A’s organization welcomes and supports the inclusion of all fans.

As fate would have it, the A’s are playing San Diego Padres on June 17, the night of their LGBT Pride event.  Rather fitting since Eireann’s mothers are now living in San Diego. Eireann says on her blog:

My moms are begrudgingly living in San Diego as transplants amongst all of the San Diego Padres fans. The team the Athletics will play (and beat) on Pride Night? The San Diego Padres. This night was made for them. In fact I’m starting to suspect that the Athletics focus-grouped this event idea with just my two moms and nobody else.

This is not the first time Eireann and Doolittle have made the news this week. They have been looking for an apartment, but apparently, their dog Stella needed an up-to-date résumé. Eireann took to her blog about that as well and created a lovely CV for Stella:

Stella's CV

Eireann Dolan’s dog’s resume as seen on her blog Thank You Based Ball



Between Eireann and Stella, I might be converted to an A’s fan… but they’d be hard-pressed to tear me away from my San Francisco Giants!

Watch the local news KTVU’s report below:

H/t: San Jose Mercury News | Featured image via Eireann Dolan’s Blog

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