*Sniff Sniff* Man Freed After Spending 22 Years In Prison For Marijuana (VIDEO)

Sixty-two-year-old Jeff Mizanskey, of Missouri, hasn’t seen life outside of prison bars for 22 years. His reason for being behind bars? He sold 6 pounds of marijuana in 1993 to someone connected to a Mexican drug cartel.

For that amount of marijuana, Mizanskey was sentenced to life without parole. Finally, on Tuesday, Mizanskey’s sentence was commuted by Governor Jay Nixon and then a parole board granted him release.

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‘It’s been kind of like a dream. Everybody in there is been asking me and asking me. Even my family asked if I’m nervous. I told them I’ve been trying to keep my feet on the ground,’ Mizanskey told KCTV5.

Source: Raw Story

Here’s the video:


According to the ACLU, marijuana accounts for about half of all drug arrests. Drugs in general account for more than half of all prison inmates and marijuana accounts for 27.6 percent of all drug offenders in prison.

Mizanskey was the only inmate in Missouri who was serving a life sentence for marijuana. He had committed no violent crimes and he did not sell to children. Now, the law that he was convicted under has been changed. Hopefully as marijuana becomes legalized in various states (10 states have legalization on their ballots in 2016 on top of the four that currently have legalized marijuana), more people will be released.

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