Show This Video To Everyone Who Thinks The Civil War Wasn’t About Slavery (VIDEO)

Col. Ty Seidule knows something about military history. He heads the department at West Point.

Seidule took to the interwebz to refute the common perception that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. Deniers will tell you it was about state’s rights or maybe about land or even tobacco, but the reality, as Seidule points out, is an inconvenient truth for deniers, but it’s still the truth.

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He notes that the secession documents of every single Confederate state was that “they were leaving the Union in order to protect their ‘peculiar institution (‘unique’ in today’s dialect)’ of slavery.”

Ironically, Mississippi complained that New York was too strong an advocate of state’s rights because New York wouldn’t allow the slave trade. Many of today’s Southerners argue that because their ancestors weren’t wealthy slave owners, their ancestors couldn’t have fought for slavery. That isn’t true either. The poorest white people wanted to defend the institution of slavery, just as the poorest white people now might defend racism. It keeps them from being at the bottom economic rung.

As for Abraham Lincoln’s motives, yes, he wanted to keep the country together, but he knew that there were two ways of doing that and one of those ways was by spreading slavery to all the states. He chose the other option, which was to end slavery for all the states.

Here’s the video:

Of course, very few deniers will be swayed by these facts because many of them would love to bring slavery back, but they’re not racist, at all.

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.

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