She Posted A Pic Of Herself Every Day For 3 Months – The Comments Will Break Your Heart (VIDEO)

Social media has opened our world up to a new level of sharing our lives with others. By posting pictures of our everyday selves, our ups and our downs, our dinners and our cats, we’ve not only exposed who we are to our closest friends and family, but to a sea of acquaintances and in many cases a whole lot of strangers.

That was exactly the case with My Pale Skin model Em Ford, who began having skin problems last year. She said:

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When my skin became problematic last year I found myself hiding away, feeling that how I looked was unacceptable for social media. It was then that I realized that I really needed to question how and why I was feeling this way.

To illustrate the power social media can have on our lives and how we perceive ourselves, Em decided to post a picture of herself everyday for three months and document the comments she received. The end result is a video that is as powerful as it is cruel, proving that there is a sinister duality to the sphere of social media that can be inescapable if it becomes your world.

The lesson to be learned here goes far beyond hateful comments for a beautiful young woman who obviously doesn’t deserve them. The lesson I will teach my daughters is that your beauty isn’t dependent on what other people think; your self-esteem doesn’t come from the replies on your Instagram account. My girls, just like the beautiful Em Ford, will be affected by what others have to say, but they absolutely will not be prisoners of it.

Bravo to Em for being this brave, for firing back at her critics with reality, and for not allowing some physical blemishes to determine the beauty she possesses and inspires in others.

Watch a brave young woman’s powerful film about self-perception and social media.


Image: Instagram

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