Seven Year Old Girl Dies After Being Shot By A ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ (VIDEO)

Another typical day in the U.S. of A. Another child dies needlessly, shot by someone who should have never had access to firearms.

ClickOnDetroit reports that 7-year-old Emma Watson Knowling died, and her mother was seriously injured, when a man opened fire on them as they sat in their car at a soccer practice field. Police say the man, who was identified as Timothy Nelson Obeshaw, then turned the gun on himself.

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Police recovered a 9mm pistol near Obeshaw’s body. The 57-year-old Obeshaw, who was identified as a family friend, had purchased the gun legally, and had a concealed carry permit for the weapon, according to MLive. In other words, right up until the moment he opened fire on Emma and her mother, Sharon Watson, Obeshaw was a “good guy with a gun.”

Taylor, Michigan Police Chief Mary Sclabassi said that there did not appear to have been any conflict between Obeshaw and the Knowlings before the shooting. Witnesses said that he was seen hugging Emma before she went on the field for soccer practice at the Taylor Sportsplex on Thursday evening.

According to police, Obeshaw had no criminal history, nor any history of mental illness, although relatives reported that Obeshaw had been experiencing periods of “mental instability” over the past year or so. Those concerns were never relayed to authorities, and Obeshaw was able to buy the weapon he used in September. Even if someone had reported Obeshaw’s problems to authorities, it isn’t clear whether he could have been prevented from getting a weapon. According to The Washington Post, Michigan requires a court order or involuntary commitment to a mental health facility to prohibit someone from purchasing a gun.

Chief Sclabassi obviously had difficulty keeping her composure during the press conference she held to give details to reporters. This story should turn your stomach. But what should turn your stomach even more is the fact that stories like this are repeated, day after day in America. People are killed by criminals with guns. People are killed by others who have never committed a crime in their life, right up until they pull the trigger. People are killed with illegal guns, legal guns, by people who are mentally ill, by people who have never showed signs of mental illness… When does America say “enough is enough?”

Why don’t politicians who support the NRA come out and say it? They want anybody in America to be able to get a gun for any reason at all, and do anything they want to with it. And the politicians who are getting their pockets lined by the NRA? Despite all of their “thoughts and prayers,” they don’t give a flying f***.

Here is video of Chief Sclabassi’s press conference, via ClickOnDetroit:

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