Seattle Asked For ‘Honest Messages’ For Muslims: The Results Will Make You Smile (VIDEO)

Friday, an interfaith group called the Faith Action Network spoke out against the ugly words of Donald Trump. The group stood on the steps of a Seattle mosque to send out a message of unity in the face of the unbridled hate that has been loosed upon the country. Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Quakers stood with their Muslim friends and showed us what humanity looks like.

There are millions of Americans who support Donald Trump’s doctrine of hate  about twenty-five percent according to polls – how does Seattle stack up against that? Local reporter Dan Cassuto decided to find out.

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In Pioneer Square, the heart of downtown Seattle, Cassuto made a cardboard ballot box, wrote “Honest Messages To Muslims” on it and placed it on a table. He approached twenty-four random people, asking them to place their message in the box. This was done anonymously so that the respondents would be completely honest.

After about an hour, Cassuto opened the box and read the twenty-two responses. Twenty of them contained a positive message for Muslims. Among them:

Religious beliefs should be honored.
This country was made by people from other countries.
Dear Muslims, welcome. If you are new to the USA, please ignore Mr. Trump.
You have my full support as fantastic members of the vibrant quilt that makes up America.
You are supported. Thank you for being great community members.

Out of the twenty-two responses, only two supported Trump and his hateful rhetoric:

If they do not respect us, they should not be allowed in…
Trump is 100% correct. Make America great again!

Yes, this is Seattle, a liberal bastion, and the result is probably to be expected. I wonder, though: can such a small sampling of Seattleites eating lunch tell us anything? Maybe. They are a diverse bunch in that city. After all, this is the place where Wiccans were first accepted onto the Interfaith Council of Washington. But we do have our wingers, as two of the messages attest, and not all of them live in Eastern Washington.

The fact that a nearly a couple dozen Seattle residents reject the ugly speech and attitude of Trump and his followers might not mean much. But, to local Muslims, these messages are a welcomed ray of sunshine.

Here’s the report from King5 News:

Featured image via King5 News 

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