Sean Spicer’s Fake Story EXPLODES In His Face: ‘I Was Not Wiretapped’ By Obama (VIDEO)

Since President Trump’s bizarre tweets last Saturday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been left to defend the official lie on a daily basis. Wednesday morning, while answering a question about Wikileaks, Spicer tried to plant the story that the Obama administration tapped the phone of a Fox News reporter to suggest that wiretapping random civilians was the sort of thing Obama frequently did. Unfortunately for the administration, that story bears no resemblance to Trump’s delusional wiretap tale.

For one, Rosen’s phones were never tapped. He was investigated by the CIA and had his emails and phone records taken. Acting Attorney General Eric Holder later claimed that this was done after a misunderstanding which led them to believe he was involved with dangerous individuals he was interviewing for a story.

Furthermore, as Rosen himself admits, Obama wasn’t aware of the matter and later publicly denounced the actions taken by the CIA against an acting journalist. In a recent interview on Fox and Friends, Rosen goes to great lengths to explain the difference between his own situation and what Trump is claiming that Obama did:

“They teach us in TV school never to contradict the anchor unless it’s absolutely necessary. And here I guess it is because I have to clarify that I was not wiretapped; my parents were not wire tapped, which is where you place a listening device on someone’s phone line and you listen to their conversations. What happened to me was that the attorney general Eric Holder under Barack Obama as president secretly designated me a criminal co-conspirator and a flight risk.”

Fox anchors, as you might expect, started the interview ready to guide Rosen to make inflammatory statements about the former president. Trump still has yet to present any evidence on the matter and some have even suggested, given the timing and wording of the tweets, that the current president was simply reacting to a fake news story he read on Breitbart.


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