School Shooter’s Father Sentenced To Measly Two Years For Illegal Guns Used In Crime (VIDEO)

Jaylen Fryberg shot and killed four of his friends, injuring a fifth and then killed himself with his father’s gun at Marysville Pilchuck High School in Washington State in 2014. His father Raymond Fryberg had illegally purchased the gun after he was subject to a restraining order. Monday, he was sentenced to a ridiculously low two years for the death and mayhem caused by his decision.

The tragic loss of life was made possible by this man’s decision to take advantage of a lack of communication between Tribal Government and Federal and State background check databases. Though he knew that he was subject to a restraining order, he checked “No” on the box that asked him if he was on the background check form that he fraudulently submitted to a Gun Shop on the reservation to purchase the firearm. Actually, he was charged and convicted of owning six firearms that he was legally prohibited from owning — one of which was used in a senseless and horrific act of violence.

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According to the Miami Herald:

He bought a Beretta pistol on Jan. 11, 2013, from a gun shop on the reservation, according to a criminal complaint. He answered “no” on the federal firearms purchasing form when asked if he was the subject of a restraining order that prohibits him from “harassing, stalking or threatening your child or an intimate partner,” the complaint said.

This piece of human garbage broke the law, like many self-entitled a$$holes, and five people lost their lives. However, he will serve nine months less than the prosecutors asked for, followed by three years of supervised release. Why he wasn’t charged with murder, or even depraved indifference, accessory to murder, manslaughter, oraccessory before the fact is a question that we should all be asking. This is a travesty of justice, literally the least that we could do, but at least he isn’t getting away with his crimes completely unpunished.
Raymond Fryberg’s slimy defense attorney John Henry Browne was pleased the federal judge handed down a sentence that shorter than prosecutors requested, of course, he plans to appeal it because he doesn’t think Fryberg “needs a day in jail.” What, was there not enough lives lost due to his decision to lie and illegally purchase guns for him to “need a day in jail?” This disgusting excuse for a human being needs to re-evaluate his priorities.
The slightly better news is that five families of the victims have filed a 110 million dollar lawsuit against Fryberg and the school district.
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