School Forces Teen To Swear On Bible She Isn’t Pregnant

NBC11 is reporting that a Georgia teenager was forced to swear on the Bible that she wasn’t pregnant in order to join a student government club — and was subsequently kicked out because the coordinator who forced her to swear on the Bible didn’t believe her.

“. . . [S]he asked her to swear that she was not pregnant”

Chasity Norwood is a 17-year-old who recently started her senior year at Jackson High, in Butts County, Georgia. Norwood had good grades, and was set to serve as the manager of both the football and volleyball teams. She was working at the local grocery store and staying active in church.

And, according to her mother, has been the target of harassment and taunts.

It starts with the school’s Student Government Association. Chasity was set to begin her fourth year in the club, and according to her mother, Tammy Williams, Norwood had a “passion for that club.”

But when she signed up, the SGA teacher and adviser asked her if she was pregnant.

At first it didn’t bother her. But it happened again, when the coordinator pulled her aside in the lunch room to talk with her. The coordinator then began asking the sort of questions that only a fanatic thinks are appropriate to ask, and made Norwood swear on a Bible she wasn’t pregnant:

“The coordinator saw her in the lunch room and said she wanted to talk with her,” Williams said. “She asked her if she was a Christian, she [Chasity] said yes. She [the adviser] asked another teacher to get her a Bible. When she got the Bible, Chasity told me that she asked her to swear that she was not pregnant.”

Chasity swore on the Bible she wasn’t pregnant and paid the $25 SGA dues.

At that point, “She felt like I swore and I know I’m not pregnant. It’s over,” Williams said.

If the allegations are true, this is wildly inappropriate. So of course, the coordinator managed to make it worse:

But the adviser came back to Chasity in early September and repeated the allegation.

“She [the adviser] said, ‘I think you’re pregnant and you can’t walk behind me pregnant,'” Williams said. “And, that really hurt her. She [the adviser] said, ‘Your check will be refunded. I hope you graduate and have a nice life.”’

Chasity called her mother crying and didn’t want to go to school.

Williams said that she met with the principal “a half dozen times,” and while he’s “been exceptional with me,” Williams feels like he hasn’t done anything:

“The principal has been exceptional with me. He has been talking with me all along the way – even though I haven’t felt he’s done anything,” Williams said. “He’s always had the door open for me.”

The principal hasn’t allowed Williams to speak with the adviser yet.  As for Norwood, she still isn’t in the SGA, because she paid her dues too late — even though other students have paid their dues even later than she did.

Butt’s County Superintendent Robert Costley said that the district is “investigating any allegations” and they “will do a very thorough review.”

Costley said he didn’t know of the incident until Williams sent him a letter last month, although Williams said she first spoke to the principal in early September.

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