SC Police Sexually Assaulted Black Couple During Roadside Cavity Search (VIDEO)

The Washington Post recently released shocking video showing two white police officers in the small South Carolina city of Aiken exposing an African-American driver’s breasts and “searching” her partner’s rectum.

The incident occurred in October 2014,  the height of police misconduct and public distrust, with dashcam footage Aiken police pulling over a vehicle under the guise of driving with a temporary paper license plate. In case you’re wondering, it’s not illegal to do so in South Carolina.

Not surprisingly, a federal lawsuit filed last year and revealed this week as part of the Post’s investigation, says there was a whole host of procedural and constitutional failures.

We refuse to create the suspect presumption in this state that every motorist traveling the highways with a temporary tag is guilty of driving an unregistered or uninsured car and is subject to detention until he or she can prove otherwise.

In case you were thinking about driving through Aiken, South Carolina, make sure you don’t have temporary plates or you might have to deal with Officer Whitey McRedneck.  Passenger Elijah Pontoon was handcuffed and told it was because of his criminal record, even though the lawsuit points out there is absolutely no law to justify such invasive measures. But it’s the South and it involves two white cops pulling over a black guy, so who needs to pay attention to some stupid document. That only happens when it involves some white freedom fighter’s right to mooch off of federal land

Shockingly enough, the lawsuit states  that Officer Chris Medlin referred to Pontoon with an old-fashioned racist epithet.

Because of your history, I’ve got a dog coming in here, Medlin was heard saying. Gonna walk a dog around the car. You gonna pay for this one, boy.

While so many on the left have demanded that officers wear body cams and that’s fine, it certainly hasn’t stopped police from misbehaving

Watch the footage below:


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