RWNJ Who Claims The Newtown Shooting Was a ‘Hoax’ Owes Me 25 Gs

Joe Jones, a right-wing gun nut from Kentucky, recently posted a video to YouTube asserting that the massacre committed by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012 was a hoax staged using “crisis actors,” in the interest of enacting strict gun control laws leading to categorical disarmament of civilians (which we haven’t seen since the shooting) and that the building had been closed for years before the shooting had taken place owing to an abundance of asbestos and mold.

This claim arose because the Wayback Machine contains no archived information from the Newtown Public School District’s website between 2008 and 2013. However, this is because at the time, the Newtown Public School District’s website was being upgraded and the privacy settings were changed in such a way that the Wayback Machine could not glean and store the information. Such a practice is indeed common, and archived information germane to other schools in the Newtown Public School District dating from within that timeframe is also missing.

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Of course, most damningly fatal to Jones’ claim that Sandy Hook Elementary School had been closed some four years before the massacre took place is the fact that Principal Dawn Hochsprung, among the slain, had kept a Twitter account, posting from the beginning of the 2012-3 school year until the day before she was gunned down in the massacre. Amid the tweets announcing events and developments relevant to Sandy Hook Elementary School, there are photos posted clearly showing teachers and students participating in sundry school activities. Three such tweets are embedded below:

Right there, we have irrefutable proof that not only was Sandy Hook Elementary School existent and operational in 2012, but a massacre did, in fact, take place there on December 14 of that year, resulting in twenty-seven killed, including the perpetrator, and two wounded.

All right, Joe. There’s your irrefutable evidence, and now I want my $25,000. Pay up, motherf*cker!
Featured image via YouTube screen capture
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