Right Wing TV Host: ‘I Don’t Believe In Gay People, I Don’t Believe There’s Such A Thing’ (VIDEO)

Another day, another wildly offensive, nonsensical rant about gay people from a right wing lunatic.

Meet Jerry Kenney, host of the television program “American Survival.” He used his latest broadcast, along with co-host Peter LaBarbera of the notoriously hateful “Americans for Truth about Homosexuality,” to tell his audience that gay people do not exist. Yes. You read that right. He actually thinks that gay people do not exist. You see, according to Mr. Kenney, our life experiences and testimonies, along with loads of evidence from every major world health organization, aren’t enough. He wants scientists to isolate a “gay gene” before he will believe that gay people actually exist. The ignorant host ranted:

I don’t believe in gay people, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a gay person. And I would like somebody, somewhere, with all of these great gay think tanks they claim to have, to prove to me scientifically that there really is what the call a gay gene or whatever. They can’t. There isn’t. It’s a behavior.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Kenney went on to wave aside the idea that gay people are born that way, and proceeded to make a comparison to rapists and animals:

Well that’s great. I guess a rapist’s just got to say ‘Hey, I was born a rapist, I can’t help it. If it’s genetic, wouldn’t it have died with the first person who had the gene mutation? How did they reproduce? But they say, ‘Well, it’s natural.” Okay, let’s accept that argument. There are a lot of things that are natural that aren’t necessarily good. In nature, animals rape one another. So should rape be okay? Some animals eat their own waste, is that okay? Animals eat their young. Is our new standard now, in this society that we’ve brought down and as long as we’re at the animal level then it’s okay?

This is so incredibly offensive that I can barely even know where to start, but I’ll try. For one thing, Mr. Kenney, you are not a doctor, a psychiatrist, or any other sort of professional who is qualified to opine on such things. You’re just a professional bigot, making millions off of outrageous statements and the fear of your ignorant, deluded followers. For two, comparing law abiding citizens to criminals like rapists? Human beings to animals? That is truly beyond the pale. Whether there is a “gay gene” or not, the lived experiences of millions of human beings, as well as the studies and testimony of medical professionals should  be enough.

You know what, though? Nobody except you and other bigots of your ilk even care what your opinion on the subject is. Luckily, you’re all largely a dying breed.

Watch this insane rant below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

H/T:Raw Story | Featured Image: Screengrab via Raw Story

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