Rick Scott’s Lax Gun Laws Take The Life Of Popular High School Teacher (VIDEO)

Thanks to Gov. Rick Scott’s lax gun laws, a popular teacher from southwest Florida was shot dead in a murder-suicide that occurred at a McDonald’s. She was killed by her ex-husband, who is also now dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to Charlotte County Deputies, Antionette “Ann” Gordon was meeting her estranged husband, Hugh Gordon, at the McDonald’s to exchange their child. Hugh then pulled out a gun and shot Antoinette before then turning the gun on himself.

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Tragically, the whole incident was witnessed by the couple’s 11-year-old son. The child, who was physically uninjured, has been placed in the custody of child services and is reportedly doing well given the horrific circumstances.

Ann was a reading and language arts teacher at North Port High School. She was loved by both her students and coworkers. Those that knew her said she loved her son dearly. She was also known to pray with her colleagues when they were going through a difficult time.

She had the kind of heart that you could never buy,” Principal David Jones said. “The kind of heart that cared about the kids way beyond just teaching how to better read and write.

One of her students,Victoria Cogle, said she had been homeschooled most of her life and transitioning into North Port was difficult, but Mrs. Gordon formed a connection with her that made all the difference.

 My senior year, I actually felt like a teacher cared about me individually,” Cogle said. “She was always so hopeful, and I’ll always remember the good about her, because she was only good.

Friend and former coworker Tery Matis said that Ann and her husband had religious differences and were going through a divorce. Matis said she was “beyond patient” with her students. Ann also enjoyed working with kids that were struggling or underprivileged.

“She never looked at them as a problem. She looked at them with love,” Matis said. “They knew that she cared about them.”

Cogle noted that Ann would often tell her class about the life lessons she was trying to teach her son and would frequently make her classroom erupt into fits of giggles.

“She would tell the silliest jokes and always laugh at her own jokes,” Cogle said. “She and I had the same sense of humor and when I met her, immediately I knew I could relate to her.”

“If I had trouble with anything I could call her, text her, and she would pray for me,” Matis said. “She’s a prayer warrior, she’s a Godly woman, she’s loyal, she’s dedicated, she’s smart, she’s intelligent, she’s beautiful inside and out. The list goes on and on.”

Lax gun laws such as those in Florida have taken the lives of countless Americans, and every day the death toll continues to rise. Sadly, this well-loved teacher and mother is the latest victim.

Watch more on this tragic story here via ABC7:

Featured image via The Herald Tribune screen capture

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