Rick Scott Refuses To Acknowledge That Orlando Victims Were Targeted For Being Gay (VIDEO)

Apparently, Rick Scott can’t bring himself to even say that the Pulse nightclub was chosen as a target because of its clientele. In a CNN interview with Jake Tapper, Governor and Skeletor impersonator, Rick Scott blew off Tapper’s repeated attempts to get Scott to say he would view the attack as a hate crime and take extra precautions.

Tapper noted that this is Gay Pride month and the LGBT community “appears to have been directly targeted” in the attack. He continued:

Are you taking any special precautions, especially during Pride month, but also in Florida, which is known as being hospitable to the gay and lesbian community, to make sure that community is protected?

Scott, doing his best politician shuffle, stated that he didn’t want anyone in Florida to be targeted or discriminated against. Scott repeated his politically safe line:

And so what we’ll — you know, as we go through this process, what we’ll learn through this, is we’ll learn what we can do to hopefully to never, never, ever to let this happen again.

Hey, Scott. We have a way to make sure this never, never happens again. It’s called sensible gun laws. Something you consistently refuse to address. Can’t upset the NRA, I guess. Even though Florida can now boast the worst mass shooting in American history. Good job, Governor.

Tapper tried once again to get Scott to acknowledge that the gay community may be in bigger danger than the population at large. He pointed to South Beach, where a “large and thriving” gay community might be “very, very afraid” today. He asked if Scott were taking precautions, maybe strengthening police presence in the area. Scott replied:

We have really good law enforcement in our state. And when something like this happens, one of the first things you do on top of dealing with the issue you have at hand, is say, ‘Who else could this impact and what can we do to make sure that does not happen?’

Same answer, Skeletor: gun laws. His density could draw in small planets.

When Tapper asked the Governor what other Americans could do to help the victims, did he answer with something logical like, “give blood?” Oh, no. Say it with me…

Just pray. Pray for the victims, pray for their families, pray that this never happens again.

Yep, the same old, tired response we’ve heard from so many in the pocket of the NRA and gun lobby. Not, “let’s fix gun laws.” Which would not, of course, stop every nutjob but it would thin them out. Nope. Pray. Listen, I’ve been praying for decades that mass shootings stop. You tell me how that’s working out.

Pray? Yeah, okay. I’ll pray. I’ll pray that men like Rick Scott are never again allowed to govern. That the NRA goes the way of the dinosaur. That our LGBT brothers and sisters are safe.

Here’s the video of the interview, via Raw Story:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMj7wzSGttg&w=640&h=360]

Featured image via video screen capture

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