‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Shoots At Two Teens Playing Pokemon Go In Front Of His House (VIDEO)

Two Florida teenagers almost lost their lives while playing Pokemon Go thanks to one “good guy with a gun” who felt threatened.

Flager County Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Troiano told the Orlando Sentinel that a local homeowner told police he was awakened at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning by a noise outside his house. When he looked out of his window, he saw a white car parked in front of his home.

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So naturally instead of calling the police the homeowner decided to walk outside with his gun to investigate. As he approached the car, he noticed two teenagers seated inside; that’s when he overheard one teen ask “Did you get anything?”

The kids were probably referring to capturing Pokemon as part of the game, but the homeowner, under the assumption that the teens had just finished robbing his home, stood in front of the vehicle pointing his firearm at the teens.

Startled, the young men sped away from the scene. And the homeowner, feeling the need to “stand his ground,” opened fire on the fleeing vehicle.

Police were notified after the mother of one of the teenagers called to report her son had been shot at while trying to capture Pokemon Go characters. Initially, the family assumed the man was just trying to scare the kids with warning shots, but upon further investigation they realized that the man had actually shot at the children. There were bullet holes in the car and flattened tire to prove it.

Fortunately, no one was injured. Police are still investigating. But the Pokemon are apparently still at large.


Featured image via YouTube and Smidtnet.net

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