Racist Moron Brings A Confederate Flag To A Friendly Cookout — Gets Knocked Out Cold (VIDEO)

The scene of this Fourth of July party looks like a lot of fun. Young people gathered doing what young people do; eating drinking, being loud, enjoying life. The crowd is energetic and diverse.

Why, just why, would you ever feel the need to bring a symbol of hate to a party like that? People are obviously there to have a good time, have a few drinks, enjoy some laughs with friends on a fun summer holiday. And then this. This racist moron, too stupid to understand that there’s just no need for his flag or the debate that comes with it at a cookout, gets himself knocked out cold for being stupid. His girlfriend grabs the flag to use it as a weapon and gets herself nicely beaten up as well.

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Hopefully they learned a valuable lesson. Unfortunately their pig-headedness will probably turn it into some form of racism against them and their “people,” the poor, misunderstood patriots of the south.

It will be nice when the confederate flag is put away neatly in a glass case in a museum and these kind of stories stop happening, won’t it?

Watch: This imbecile brings a confederate flag to a cookout to ‘protest’…something…and gets knocked out cold.


Featured image via screen capture

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