Racist Missouri School President Tim Wolfe Resigns After Football Players Go On Strike (VIDEO)

Tensions at the University of Missouri-Columbia have reached a boiling point over the last few days, as students continued their protest calling for the resignation or firing of embattled University president, Tim Wolfe. Wolfe,  the subject of student protests over his handling of racial discrimination and other issues on the largest University of Missouri campus in the state, just resigned.

The announcement came at a special meeting called by the University Board of Curators.  In the announcement, Wolfe stated,

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I take full responsibilty for the actions that have occurred,” Wolfe said in a news conference. “I have asked everybody to use my resignation to heal. Let’s focus in changing what we can change today and in the future, not what we can’t change in the past.

Wolfe’s resignation was demanded by student groups across the campus, including Concerned Students 1950, which set up tents to overnight on the lawn in the increasingly chilly Fall weather.  More notably, 32 members of the University’s football team went on strike, refusing to play unless Wolfe resign or was ousted.  The players stood in solidarity with black graduate student Jonathan Butler, who was in day 7 of a hunger strike protesting Tim Wolfe’s continued tenure at the school.  Mizzou’s athletic department, including popular coach Gary Pinkel, stood in support of the players’ actions.

The students felt that Wolfe had not done enough to address the issue of racism on the college campus. Students there have been the subject of racial slurs, and vandalism against minorities has increased on campus.  These issues, and their lack of confidence in his leadership abilities overall, led various student groups to protest.

Let’s watch Wolfe’s resignation statement:

Featured image courtesy of screen capture.

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