Racist Goes Nutty Over Coffee: ‘Hire White People, They Get Sh*t Done’ (VIDEO)

Racist douche of the day goes to this guy.  Apparently he was unhappy with the cup of coffee he received at Tim Horton’s.

After proclaiming himself a former Tim Horton’s employee and guru of all things Horton, he tells the person behind the counter how wrong the store is being run:

You don’t put two trainees on at the same time.  One trainee, one employee, that’s how it’s done.

That just may be some sound advice.  Perhaps the store does need to brush up on its Horton protocol.  Maybe this guy would have gotten the correct number of sugars in his coffee had the staff not been so poorly trained.

That doesn’t seem to be the point he’s trying to make, though, so he elaborates further:

Hire white people.  They actually get sh*t done.

At this point the girl filming as well as another patron jump all over the guy for being a racist.  He proclaims:

I don’t give a sh*t.  This is my country.

And there it is.  In the true fashion of the entitled white supremacist, America was given to white people by God himself, and all others need to bow to their greatness.

One of the patron’s is an off duty cop who tells him he can leave or be dealt with.

Good riddance.

This is OUR country, stupid.  Wake up.

*Update:  Unfortunately the video was removed by the user.  As soon as it becomes available again it will be re-loaded into the article.  Apologies for the inconvenience.



Featured Image: screengrab from Youtube

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