Racist Goes Berserk In Front Of Schoolchildren: ‘This Is For The Sp!cs’ (VIDEO)

What a winner this guy is.  After finding a scratch on his car, this jackass goes into a Frenzy.

When the video starts you can hear him say “keep walkin’ monkey.” The man who records the episode, a disabled hispanic man, becomes the target of the racist’s anger. As he flips him the bird while talking about his “Caddy” on the phone he says:

This is for the sp!cs.  For the sp!cs.

Yeah, and this story is for the scumbag, for the scumbag.  Hopefully enough people spread it around to shame you, if even just a little.

As the video continues a line of schoolchildren walks into view, and without any consideration for the little ones the racist loses his cool completely, barges through the line of kids without regard for their safety and starts screaming at the top of his lungs at the man recording:

You wanna fight?  You wanna fight?  You f*ckin sp!c.

The man tells him he’s a disabled person, and lucky for him the raging lunatic decides not to pounce.

That he burst through the line, almost knocking over a couple of elementary school kids after their Christmas pageant was bad enough without the screaming, blatant display of violent behavior and racial slurs.

Those are kids, you freak.  Show a little bit of restraint.  Have a little bit of decency.

Not this guy.  His “Caddy” is more important than those children.

Racist goes berserk in front of school children.


Image: screengrab from video

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