P*ssed Off Oregon Sheriff Tells Bundy Terrorists To ‘Leave Our Community’ (VIDEO)

Harney County Sheriff David Ward has had enough of YallQuaeda’s theatrics in his county and wants them gone.

The sheriff released a statement slamming the Bundy clan of feeble-minded lunatics and told them that he wants them to “leave” the community:

I want to talk directly to the people at the wildlife refuge. You said you were here to help the citizens of Harney County. That help ended when a peaceful protest became an armed occupation.

It’s time for you to leave our community, go home to your families, and end this peacefully.


We can’t really blame him. Schools have been closed for an additional week and children are losing out on valuable time in their classrooms. The employees at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have been forced out of work. The community is filled with news crews, it’s ridiculous.

At the end of the day, this hillbilly takeover of federal land has had a very negative impact on the people of the county. It’s time for the Bundy clan to pack up their penis extensions and go home.


Featured image via video screenshot; h/t Winning Democrats

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